2021 Media Kit

New digital-driven food and beverage offerings in SG

Food solutions and gateway services company SATS unveiled a technology-driven dining concept at the Singapore General Hospital. The SGH Houseman's Canteen uses data analytics to help the eatery curate food offerings. An online ordering system then provides a contact-less dining experience by sending an SMS notification to diners so they can collect their orders in the assigned food lockers. SATS manages both ordering channels, and analyses demand to enhance the overall menu offering and dining experience.
The food company prepares meal elements such as its signature sauces and soups in large batches at its central kitchen. At the canteen, each dish is freshly assembled and prepared in front of diners. Behind the scenes, the contactless operation involves four stations in the kitchen: the hot kitchen, regeneration station, assembly station, and packing station – all crewed by just five kitchen staff who work with precision. While waiting, diners could also observe the food preparation through a window beside the food lockers.

New hawker platform unveiled

Meanwhile, the Japanese company Futurek SG has launched its WAK WAK Hawker (WWH) platform to guide locals and tourists to all the best hawker places in Singapore. Users can access information about hawker centres and individual stalls at the WWH website. A Search feature locates hawker centres from nearby landmarks and filters stalls based on the food category. Akiyasu Takaseki, COO at Futerek SG and leader of the WWH development project, said he hopes that users can use the platform to try new cuisines or explore new hawker centres.

 (Images from SATS and Futurek SG)

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